Every Court Has a Story

“An arresting exploration of urban basketball, Ballin' at the Graveyard is at once hilarious and heartwarming, a vivid portrait of the brotherhood and community forged on pickup courts and the inspiring men who play the game. Like its forefather Hoop Dreams, this doc leaves an indelible imprint.”Joe Berlinger, Academy Award-nominated Director, Paradise Lost

“If you love basketball—particularly pick-up playground basketball as it is played in urban parks across the country—then you are guaranteed to love Ballin' in the Graveyard.”Geoff Kelly - ArtVoice

“Like the pickup basketball it celebrates irresistibly, it comes at you hard and wins you over.”Jeff Simon - The Buffalo News

“...Their weekend warrior basketball adventures are much more than fun and games...Their emotions and experiences paint a tapestry of brotherhood, commitment, community, family, friendship, history, intergenerational bonds, leadership, legacy, mentoring, nurturing, and sharing I hadn't expected to see. This movie has stolen my heart and become one of my favorite films.”Ananda Leeke, Digital Sisterhood Network founder

“The movie puts the audience courtside in the sweaty, cement world of urban pickup basketball..."Ballin' in the Graveyard" gives us an unfiltered glimpse of a cultural experience and there's nothing politically correct about it. The language is rough...But the dialogue is fabulous—Tarantino couldn't write this stuff.”Jim Dixon - Examiner.com

“[The film] zeroes in on just one park, in just one city; but like any revealing study of a subculture, it hits on a few universal human truths. One is that folks crave community and build it wherever they can...'Ballin' at the Graveyard' drops us courtside and shows the gritty subculture of urban pickup basketball — its personalities, its lingo, the sweat and drama in every flying elbow. It's got game.”Amy Biancolli - Houston Chronicle, Hearst Newspapers

“...Through the players' authentic and unfiltered voices, [we] are allowed to enter into the private world of young African American men beyond the court. There, we share in their aspirations and accomplishments that are so often overlooked by the world around them. "Ballin'" is a mind and heart changer of the greatest kind.”Dr. Alice Green - African American Cultural Center of the Capital Region

“It's a fascinating portrait. The film begins on the court, right in the thick of things...After the film takes you deep into the game, it pulls back. The filmmakers broaden their scope, and begin to delve into the personal lives and histories of some of the players...'Ballin' at the Graveyard' is a genuine eye-opener, and, best of all, it's a hell of a lot of fun.”Shawn Stone - Metroland

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